BeagleBone Black enclosure by Hammond

We received two of the new "HAM" series enclosures by Hammond Manufacturing today.  These enclosures are based on their 1593 series and are available for a few different small development boards.  Since we're in Texas, we got them from Mouser Electronics.

Information on Hammond's entire "1593HAM" series is here.  Looks like they're all available in black, grey, or translucent blue.

Not sure what else to say about them so let's look at some pictures!  Here's what's in the "HAMBONE" kit (gotta love the name):

With a BeagleBone Black inside:

Looks like all slots are accessible.  Had to try out the microSD slot:

Here it is all buttoned up.  There's a hole to view the LEDs and maybe access the power & reset buttons but I really can't get my finger in there.  The expansion connectors are also available through the cover.  Doesn't look like it'll work for a cape but just the thing if you're prototyping with jumpers!


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