September Prototype Give-Away

GPS cape prototype

We've been busy working on new products in August and a couple of them should hit the shop in September.  As a result, I have a growing pile of prototype boards on my workbench that would rather be in a working project.  I usually get my prototype PCBs from OSH Park and I like to build all three if the risk is low.  I've always planned keep one of each of the prototypes for my "museum" and give the others away.

We also really want to increase our web site's visibility in September.  So, we're going to offer chances to win a fully-functional prototype in exchange for your help.  Some of the prototypes may never show up in the shop (like the Raspberry Pi UPS) but they will be fully functional.  We don't have all of the details worked out yet but it'll likely be a drawing of some sort with entries based on likes, followers, shares, reviews, etc.

If you've got any ideas for the contest, please feel free to comment below.  Otherwise, stay tuned to the website for details.  Or better yet, follow us on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook to find out more!


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