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BeagleBone Power Cape


A flexible UPS-like power supply cape for the BeagleBone.

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Product Description

The Power Cape can act like a UPS and provide your BeagleBone with reliable 5VDC power from a DC input, a single-cell lithium battery, or a combination of both.  It can also turn on the BeagleBone after a timeout or external event allowing the BeagleBone to power up on a schedule.  Perfect for remote sensing, nodes, and other battery-powered applications.

The cape comes with a pigtail cable for each power connector on the board (1 MicroFit and 1 JST PH) and an MTA connector for the opto-isolator input.  It does not come with 2×23 connectors for P8 and P9.  Those are available here or here.


  • Compatible with both the BeagleBone White and the BeagleBone Black.
  • Has cape ROM with address switches.
  • DC power input runs BeagleBone with 3-14VDC.
  • Has over-voltage and over-current protection on DC input.
  • Uses 1S (3.7V) lithium cell as the back-up battery power supply.
  • Power Cape charges the back-up battery whenever 4.5V or greater is available on the DC input.
  • Onboard power monitor (INA219) allows monitoring of battery voltage and current by BeagleBone.
  • Power Cape can power up the BeagleBone after a configurable timeout, restoration of DC power, or on an external signal.

Use it as a:

  • Battery power source: the Power Cape will boost a single-cell lithium battery to the 5VDC required to run the BeagleBone.
  • Regulated DC source: the Power Cape will regulate 4.5 to 14VDC on the DC input for the BeagleBone.  If a lithium battery is attached to the battery input, then it will charge the battery as well.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply: On DC power loss, the Power Cape will automatically switch to the battery input.  On DC power restoration, it will switch back and begin to recharge the battery.
  • Solar power supply: the Power Cape will augment the DC power supply from the battery.  So, flucuating DC power sources such as solar panels can be utilized effectively.



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